Narragansett police unprepared for crowds

Narragansett is in for a summer of hell as activist and progressives are turning the beautiful ocean town into a mix of undesirables and socialist. Gansett has been flooded with progressive activist who feel it should be anything goes along the beach. The town has seen an influx of BLM protesters and others who want Gansett to be the “woke capitol” of Rhode Island. Meanwhile, gang members from Providence and Pawtucket have found the seawall along Narragansett pier and have decided to make it their summer headquarters. In the past, cops in Gansett had no problem chasing URI students with a keg but are either afraid or intimated by the city gang crowd. A story making the rounds is that a Narragansett police officer stumbled upon 6 members of a South Providence gang drinking whiskey and smoking pot along the seawall. The officer stopped and informed them public drinking was not allowed, but the group supposedly told him “f- the police and get the F- out of here.” Apparently the officer pulled away as they laughed and threw a bottle at the cruiser. This past weekend was embarrassing as officers quickly lost control of the crowd on the beach on Sunday as the some in the crowd played a game of gotcha hat with police. Witnesses claim the brazen groups fighting were grabbing the hats off the heads of police and playing a game of keep away( monkey in the middle) from the police. One video had an officer sprinting down the beach after a young girl but was unable to catch her as the crowd laughed.