Video: Nellie promises the end of the RI-GOP

The ides of March are upon us.  In a stunning interview on CH 12, Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea confirmed she supports changing the law to guarantee the right to vote by mail.  If a law is passed in Rhode Island of voting by mail is permanent, no Republican will ever win a state-wide race again. Voting in Rhode Island continues to be the largest issue that goes unaddressed and the capitulation on voting would mean the end of the state GOP. Recently, the state GOP-chair told the Boston Globe she thought the November election was “fair,” despite the fact mail ballots were unnotarized and unrequested mail ballot applications sent out. Unless the state GOP stops the Democrat mail-ballot train leaving the station, Republicans will never win state-wide. If voting laws are changed in the state they will never be reversed. The clock is ticking on showing some element of fraud from the 2020 election or the door will be closed.