Providence Antifa chapter expanding

The Providence Antifa Chapter knows as “PAC” has been busy with plans to expand the membership and activities in the city of Providence. Over the past several weeks, several members from Seattle and Portland have been spotted in the West End section of the city near the Dexter street playground and Cranston Armory. Sources familiar with the group say members have been involved in workshops and training to prepare for the months ahead. “They were all pretty proud of themselves from last year but this year they want to go to the next level.” Providence Antifa’s plans seem to be more protests, more violent clashes with police, more property damage, and destruction.


The 2021 list of demands seems to be growing and include:

1) Defund police by 75%.

2) All inmates released from the ACI.

3) Wyatt detention center closed.

4) Protesters receive immunity from arrests at all announced protests.

5)  Federal Hill must pay a “reparations fee” each month in exchange for limited protesting.

6) Police will agree not to carry weapons at protests or demonstrations.

7) No dogs or SWAT teams assigned to protests or marches.

8) Low-income housing set aside rent-free.

9) A “pause” on all drug arrests in the city.

10) Media must receive permission to cover all protests.