Nervous Nellie : Secretary of State under fire hiding election data

 What is she hiding? Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea caught the attention of the Projo and other media outlets as she continues to disregard the law and withhold important election information. In the summer of 2016, there was tremendous interest in looking into the state’s voter rolls for possible dead people on the voter rolls and other abnormalities. Without any notice or warning, Gorbea deleted the month and date of births of voters and left just the year of birth. No notice, no public hearing and no press release. Gorbea decided on her own to remove important voter information that would make it more difficult to cross-check voter roles. 

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What else has she done that the public is unaware of?  We don’t know. 

Did Nellie have the power or authority to do this as Secretary of State? No.

 Is she breaking the law? Yes.

 Is early voting allowed in Rhode Island? No. Does Nellie allow early voting? Yes. 

Do you need an ID to vote on election day? Yes. Do you need an ID to vote during early voting? No.

 Gorbea hides behind an excuse of “protecting voter identity” yet she never notified the public of this. Gorbea is now hiding until December 12, when she is suppose to hand over important voter data but it remains to be seen if she will. According to Nellie Gorbea, 377,000 people voted on November 6, 2018 and there was not one error. How is that possible? This is Rhode Island where nothing runs smooth and this is the state that puts the “R” in corruption. Follow the John DePetro show for the latest.