From “Hope” to “Dope” :Raimondo pushes Rhode Island to pot


old Rhode Island

The Rhode Island state motto becomes “Dope.” After failing to lure any companies or jobs to Rhode Island, Governor Gina Raimondo puts up the white flag of surrender by announcing her plans to fill massive deficit budget holes by legalizing marijuana in Rhode Island. That ought to improve the test scores. Bring back Senate President Paiva Weed!

Raimondo has failed to land any large companies during her time in office and now falls for the easy fix of gambling and drugs. Can legalizing prostitution be far behind? When you have a ten billion dollar state budget, high taxes and a ridiculously high number on the state work force, legal pot becomes the option. Raimondo has run out of tax tricks and would rather focus on raising her national profile than deal with a state on the verge of collapse. 

The contest of Governor for the Day contest could become Dealer for the day. The Governor who promised “cranes in the sky” has decided to get the state high. What an absolute embarrassing disgrace of a leader Raimondo has turned out to be. The Governor of gambling, drugs, empty building and a broken education system. Will she be remembered as the Tolls on the road or Tokes on the Rhode Governor? What a tremendous example she sets for young women(who want to live in Las Vegas). Welcome to Rhode Island the “Wasted state.”Listen to the John DePetro radio to find out more.