Black Lives Matter leader named Person of the Year 2020

Oh Brother. The voting was close but Brother Gary of Black Lives Matter Rhode Island has been named Person of the Year in Rhode Island.  The most significant influence was Brother Gary pushing for the state name change and his influence over the protests in Rhode Island. Brother Gary emerged as a power player behind the scenes meeting with elected officials and setting an agenda of change through peace. It was Brother Gary who condemned the June riot and demonstrated his influence by putting together the largest protest of over 15,000 people at the Rhode Island State House. It was Brother Gary who stopped far-left progressive protesters who were intent on fighting the National Guard that June night at the State House by calling them out and putting himself between the Guard and the protesters. It was Brother Gary who Governor Raimondo reached out to keep the peace and not allow the city of Providence to burn to the ground. Brother Gary is the 2020 Rhode Island Person of the Year.