Video: Racial incident in East Providence leads to Black Lives Matter protest



Get ready townies. Black Lives Matter is coming to EP.  A  video posted by East Providence resident Kristin (Karen) Statser who lives in Riverside alleges a racial incident where the N-word was used on her neighbor who is black. Statser claims her son heard the comment and her black neighbor called East Providence police told him ” nothing we can do. Your word against his.” Her video is posted here:


After hearing about the incident with the East Providence police, Black Lives Matter is planning a loud protest at the East Providence police station at high noon Wednesday. This will be the second time in two weeks BLM will be in the East Bay. Last week, BLM was in Barrington after broke the story of a violent altercation between two neighbors in Rumstick point. East Providence police are poised for what could be counter-protesters showing up at the BLM protest. This story is developing.