John DePetro statement on the protest 7/25/20


I was covering the anti-police rally as a member of the media Saturday night July 25, 2020, at the Providence public safety complex. I broadcast on both Twitter and Facebook Live to cover the event. Sometime after 11:pm while on Facebook live, a green laser was deliberately and repeatedly pointed at my face and eyes by a protester. I was live and did not have an opportunity to process what happened. Shortly after that, the protesters got closer to me and the one who lasered me in the eyes was apprehended by Providence police. I am left with blurry vision, nausea, and headaches. I sought immediate medical treatment and was told I may have permeant cornea or retinal damage and I am uncertain of my long term prognosis. I want to commend the Providence police for their tremendous courage and discipline last night containing a mob that had a message of violence and hate. This mob should not be described as peaceful protesters. I am fully cooperating with law enforcement. As far as my show I will take it day to day at this time.
John DePetro