Video: Illegal alien charged in murder of Pawtucket infant

Joao Resendes in country illegally

Pawtucket police have released information on a 1-year-old infant beaten to death by an illegal alien Sunday morning in Pawtucket. Joao Resendes, in the country illegally, is charged with manslaughter and child abuse. Three women were also arrested, with immigration seeking more information regarding Ledo. A 911 call reported an unresponsive infant, and first responders found a gruesome scene. The illegal, Joao Resendes, was accused of repeatedly punching the infant in the face, essentially beating the child to death. Governor McKee and Lt Governor Matos run the state as a sanctuary state, attempting to lure as many illegals as possible. Matos claims the moment a person arrives in Rhode Island they become a Rhode Island citizen and can receive assistance and driving privileges. Immigration officials are seeking information on Joao Resendes. Developing.