Feds move in on McKee

gov mckee

He can pretend to be fine, but Governor Dan McKee must know it is over. The Feds are about to blow open a scam where millions were grabbed while the McKee administration chose to look the other way. These types of investigations only end one way: indictments. The Justice department is not going to come up empty and they will get to the bottom of the foolishness of closing the Washington bridge on 195 after millions were spent on it. The problem? Money was taken for work never completed. McKee blew through millions in Covid money and looked the other way as greed took over. As long as he could get elected Governor, McKee allowed this to happen on his watch. How can he govern? It is January 2024, and he is supposed to be in office until the end of 2026. The bridge problems and investigation will now hang over his administration like a dark cloud with no end in sight. This is the new life for McKee.