Watch: Suspects of the double homicide arrested


His name might be Tyler Freeman, but he will never be a Free-man ever again. Providence Police did remarkable police work and announced the arrest of Tyler Freeman of Norton Ma, and Miguel Perez of Warwick RI, for the double murder homicide on Hathaway Street in Providence October 28. Perez and Freeman both face murder and murder conspiracy charges, police tell that one of the suspects climbed into the back of the truck and executed the Pawtucket couple. Police sources tell police located the cellphone of victim Brian Fernandez in the Warwick area, not far from where Migeul “the menace” Perez was living in Cowesett, off Post Road. Why were the couple executed? Sources say Freeman and Perez were convinced Brian Fernandez was a rat, cooperating with law enforcement. Whether or not this is true, the meeting and murder was based on that premise. It is believed Freeman and Perez lured Fernandez to Hathaway Street under the false guise of a drug deal. Instead, Perez climbed into the back of their truck and executed the couple at close range from inside the truck.  Did police recover the murder weapon? Unknown. Perez has been seen posting to social media celebrating the hit and basking in the glory it brings in gangland.

brian fernandez
linah-Sreylakh Ros
Perez posted “I’m a legend” after the hit