Video: Couple with 4 kids executed in Providence

Srey Lakh Linah Ros

DEPETRO.COM has learned the victims of the double homicide in the early morning hours of Saturday October 28, 2023, leave behind four children. Brian Fernandez and his fiancée Linah were executed in a parked car on Hathaway Street off Elmwood Avenue in Providence shortly after midnight. Cranston Police were first on-the scene, but determined the vehicle was four feet over the line in Providence, thus a PVD police investigation. A GoFundMe has been established, with the couple leaving behind four children ages 12, 6, and one-year old twins. According to sources close to the investigation, the shooting was “basically a hit, with the shooter inside of the car in the backseat.” The nature of the relationship between the couple and hitman is unknown, but Brian Fernandez was known to police and had been arrested in 2020 in West Warwick. One street source claims ” Brian ripped off the wrong person this time. “It is unknown if the hitman knew Fernandez would have his fiancée with him or if he was supposed to arrive alone. Story is developing…

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