Rhode Island democrats who show support for Hamas

The world is reeling from the terror attack in Israel, but several Progressive Rhode Island democrats are making it very clear they side with Hamas. Top of the list is Providence Senator Tiara “twerking” Mack who compares rape, kidnapping, murder and torture to “allows us to understanding the nature of contemporary racism more deeply.” Mack has long demonstrated her hatred towards whites and is known for her antisemitism. She is left alone by local media and senate leadership who are intimidated because of her race and sexual preference.  On the Providence city council, we have Socialist Miguel Sanchez who is allowed his antisemitic ideology because he is a young Hispanic leader. Mayor Smiley has been silent on Sanchez supporting a terror group that raped and killed women in Israel. And progressive activist Jackie Goldman feels pronouns are extremely important but is willing to overlook rape and murder. So far, not a single Rhode Island democrat has denounced members of their party siding with Hamas, nor have they been asked by local press. A Republican would be denounced for supporting J6 protesters, but progressive democrats and socialist are given a free pass on supporting terrorist.