Video: Central Falls murder over a girl

Luis Lopez just got out of jail after 15 years for murder conspiracy and he is heading back for life, this time to the ACI. Lopez is accused of waiting outside the barbershop on Dexter Street Central Falls waiting for Manny Torres Plaza and executing him in the parking lot. According to police, Lopez rolled up on Plaza with not one but two guns and began blasting wearing a mask and firing 16 shots. As Plaza lay dying on the street, Lopez taunted him about his girlfriend filing a restraining order against him and began shooting again. Lopez sped off in a Honda bound for Massachusetts. Once Lopez reached an area he thought looked good, he set the car on fire while burning his leg. A witness saw the car burning and a man walking with a gas can. Lopez made a call for a ride, but it was ten minutes too late as police grabbed him. Lopez had a backpack with his two guns, body armor, a mask and plenty of ammo. Police believe the guns will match the shooting in Central Falls and possibly another recent shooting.