New details of what happened to the nurse at RI hospital

At this time, nurse Scott Amaral remains in critical condition after being attacked Friday morning on the 5th floor of the Jane Brown psych ward unit at Rhode Island hospital. has learned from multiple sources that patient George Bower struck nurse Scott Amaral hard in the chest. Amaral then preceded to enter a nearby bathroom to attempt to catch his breath and apparently went into cardiac arrest while collapsing. Other staff and nurses were unaware Amaral was in trouble and started CPR immediately upon discovering him in the bathroom. There is video of Bower violently striking nurse Amaral, and Amaral reportedly coded seven times. Bower is being held at the psych unit at the ACI on felony assault charges. One medical source described the type of blow Amaral received to the hit Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills took in a Monday night game last year when he collapsed on the field. Story is developing but we learned it was over a phone.