Hospital nurse attacked by patient remains in critical condition.

A male nurse at Rhode Island hospital clings to live after a brutal, vicious assault from a dangerous male patient in the Psych ward section of the hospital located in the Jane Brown unit on the 5th floor. Hospital employees have identified the nurse as Scott Amaral, a father of two. Nurses who work with Amaral are devasted by the attack by a dangerous patient who 6’3 and attacked nurse Amaral Friday morning. The attack was captured on video and happened near a bathroom with no weapon used, demonstrating just how dangerous the patient is. The patient, who is being held at the ACI, has a violent criminal history and apparently ” slipped through the cracks,” beating Amaral in a vicious unprovoked attack, leaving him in critical condition on life support. Security has been an on-going issue at Rhode Island hospital with the hospital board dictating mandates to Providence police for some time. Police are not allowed in certain areas of the hospital and are not allowed to carry firearms into the units. Hospital board members feel mentally disturbed criminals feel “uncomfortable” around law-enforcement and insist on a lax security atmosphere for the good of the patients. The hospital has been hostile to police in the past when officers attempt to gather information from shooting victims, despite hospital security run by two former Providence Police officers. But the lack of security dictates come from the hospital board, who always side with patients over police, and refer to dangerous criminals as “troubled patients.”  A fund has been established for the nurse with a link below. Story is developing.