Video: Karen Read defense takes a hit with parents interview

The parents of Karen Read were asked some pretty basic questions regarding the case of their daughter on Fox Boston and their inability to answer should cause concern amongst the mob buying into the conspiracy surrounding this case. Aside from all the hoopla and cherry picking of information from people wanting to believe there was a conspiracy, Ted Daniel asked very good questions that the parents struggled to answer and provide credible answers. We have no vested interest in either side just some casual observations from the Fox Boston interview.

From Fox Boston:

According to the Norfolk County DA’s office, eight people inside the home and three more outside testified that O’Keefe never entered, and the office states that GPS data from O’Keefe’s phone supports that.

William Read suggested that the alleged attack was kept secret from most of the people inside the Albert home, including teenagers celebrating a birthday, and only a limited number of adults were aware of it.

Ted Daniel asked Read’s parents: “if the events happen the way Karen’s attorneys say they did, how many people would have to be involved in the cover-up?”

Read’s father said: “My sense is that there are a handful of people, influential people, who know what happened.”

The Norfolk DA’s Office tells Daniel, “There was no conspiracy or cover-up,” and “such claims have been systematically refuted by evidence submitted to Norfolk Superior Court and provided to the defense.”

So, 11 people at the house and a” handful of influential people” (as many as fifteen people total) are involved in the cover up and conspiracy? Fifteen people keeping a secret? Why? Seems difficult to believe.

Fox Boston:

According to prosecutors, a state police team discovered two red plastic pieces and one clear plastic piece of a taillight in the area they believe O’Keefe was struck outside 34 Fairview Rd.

“The SERT team discovered these items after digging through the still-falling snow,” reads a prosecution memorandum.

 Key to watch here is witnesses who saw the damage before police impounded the vehicle.

Fox Boston:

The defense theory is that O’Keefe was beaten inside the Albert home and attacked by Albert’s German Shephard, but the medical examiner says those markings are “scratches caused by a blunt object” – not animal bites.

Medical examiner Irini Scordi-Bello testified that skull fractures caused O’Keefe’s eyes and face to swell and grow discolored and she stated she saw no signs of an altercation or fight.

 Sounds like someone hit into snow and ice by a vehicle.  Watch the interview below: