East Providence City Hall Only Fans scandal

looks like ladies’ room at city hall.

An investigation is underway into a personnel matter in the board of Canvassing office in East Providence, but not tied directly to the CD-1 signature scandal. In a statement provided to DEPETRO.com by Patricia Resende of the Mayor’s office, Resende said ” We are aware of the matter, there is an HR investigation underway, but we cannot comment on personnel matters.” Patiences Desmaris works as a clerk for the city in Board of Canvassing but also seems to be a creator for Only Fans, and that is the subject of the city HR investigation. Below are some photos seemingly taken in East Providence City Hall posted to X and also a menu for what she will provide for Only Fans subscribers. East Providence has a code of conduct for city employees and also sections on social media, gifts, and outside employment. The East Providence Board of Canvassing has been in the news the past few weeks for the fraud investigation tied to LT. Governor Matos and her signatures and now this scandal. Desmaris has been out of work the past few days and denied she is the person in the photos and denied she is an Only Fans Creator, but her tattoos are a perfect match. On the X account there are several pornographic videos. The city of East Providence has a code of conduct for employees and some of the X postings seem to fall during the workday. Although some city employees might have other sources of income, the city has guidelines for that as well. Story is developing…

again, at city hall


with the mayor