Video: Police raid Coventry home of Providence gang member

Monday July 10, 2023 brought both Providence Police, Coventry Police and another department to 261 and 265 Pulaski street and the home of notorious Providence Trinitario gang leader Rudy Sepulveda, who purchased the home last August. Neighbors described a Monday afternoon with undercover officers raiding the home with a sledgehammer, guns drawn and K-9’s.  At least 15 officers were on-scene and observed going in and out of the house. It is unknown if anyone was home or taken into custody. Neighbors described a large number of young men living in the home (who spoke Jamaican) since last September with expensive cars and people in and out of the house all hours of the day and night. One neighbor said the people of the house had a huge party on July 4th with police called due to the fireworks. The Live-stream was limited to protect the identity of undercover officers. The Trinitario gang is known for drugs and armed violent home invasions. Story is developing.