Week one: Trial for the murder of Miya


The much-anticipated trial of the two men accused of shooting and killing Miya Brophy-Baermann on August 1, 2021 began this week, and it remains one the saddest stories to grip the area in recent memory and even more depressing to watch the actual trial and learn the backstory. To try and understand what happened August 1, 2021, the story begins in October of 2020, when Dante Mann a gang member from the Harriet street gang was shot and killed in South Providence while filming a rap-video late at night. Dmann was part of the gang that dubbed themselves SOS which was an off shoot of Harriet Street gang in South Providence. The murder of DMANN remains unsolved (no one would cooperate with police) but rumor was the shooting was done by a rival gang, possibly the Camp Street gang known as Eastside. The trial this week has uncovered the pathetic life of the gang members who are unemployed, father children, drink, smoke weed, stay up all night and use women for cars, food and money. The only ones more pathetic than the gang members are the women who support their lifestyle. In July of 2021, Eastside gang members produced a video where they seemed to be mocking the death of Dante Mann. On July 31, 2021, Shawn Mann and Isaiah Pickerton set out for a Saturday night in a borrowed car for the usual night of drinking and drugs. At 3:30AM on the morning of August 1, 2021, Mann and Pinkerton cruised down Olney Street (in their borrowed Altima) when they spotted two figures standing by a car. One was a white female, the other was someone they thought resembled a member of Eastside gang from the video. Testimony in the trial said the car sped up and fired four shots, killing Miya Brophy-Baermann, a twenty-four-year-old graduate student from Warwick who was on her way home. The male with Miya who called 911 was a male friend with no gang affiliation. The trial has produced the depressing backstory of testimony describing Mann and Pinkerton feeling they avenged the death of Dante Mann after the shooting, even though they killed an innocent girl. Mann visited the grave of his late brother early Sunday morning August 1, in a way to let him know they has revenged his death. The truth is these two despicable, useless creatures did not avenge anything, yet it did not stop them from telling people they had settled the score for the murder of Dante Mann. During the trial this week we have also learned what truly stupid moronic idiots Mann and Pinkerton are, as opposed to the fine police work performed by Providence Police. Shawn Mann was nailed on a DUI charge by state police Sunday night August 1, the same day he participated in the murder. So much for laying low after the crime. On December 13, 2021, police responded to the murder of rapper Hammer Beanz in Providence, who was a known associate of Harriet Street. Providence Police were vigilant the night after the shooting on December 13, when two officers spotted Pinkerton and Mann driving erratically on Mitchell Street. After a car stop on Niagra, police discovered SOS had tossed a bag out the car window and inside was a gun. The gun found that night matched the ballistics of the same gun used August 1, 2021 to kill Miya. Hopefully week two brings a guilty verdict.

shawn mann