Video: Inside the secret room of the Johnston killer

suspect James Harrison

James Harrison was a sick, perverted, psycho who lived with his mother and kept a secret room in his home where he kept a calendar of the comings and goings of his neighbors. According to sources close to the investigation, Harrison became obsessed with his teen neighbor and even stole some of her clothing left outside in her yard. Harrison kept a log written down of what times the various family members left the home and returned. One source claims Harrison had a diagram of the family home next door including who slept in which rooms. Sources claim the family became aware of the perverted obsession of their creepy neighbor and even had family members changing rooms. On Tuesday night May 23, TJ May heard noises outside his home and saw his neighbor on a ladder attempting to look into the window of his daughter’s room at 2 Ligian Court. TJ May called Johnston Police who responded to the street, but Police could not locate James Harrison next door( would not answer the door) or by cellphone. TJ May filed a no trespass order against his neighbor and said goodnight to police. Sometime later in the early morning hours, it is believed that the mother threatened to expose the secret room her son kept in the house, so Harrison shot and killed his mother in the early morning hours of Wednesday May 24, with a bullet to the head. Harrison is believed to have stayed up all night and knew from his surveillance logs that the father next door and teen daughter left the house each weekday around 7:30AM. When TJ May left the home with his daughter at 7:30 AM, they were met by James Harrison in their driveway who was waiting for them as their garage door rose. Harrison shot and killed TJ May and wounded his daughter. Harrison then got in his car and left 4 Ligian Court, but not before he encountered Johnston Police who were arriving to follow up from the night before. Harrison pretended to shoot at the police officer with his hand and sped away laughing from Ligian Court onto Simmonsville Avenue. Cranston police put an end to the laughter in the form of over 100 rounds fired on Plainfield Pike into the sick, twisted, killer James Harrison. At this time, it remains unclear why Johnston police did not arrive earlier that morning to Ligian Court (7:AM?) to try and locate Harrison and ensure the family left for the day without incident. It would have been interesting if police could had encountered Harrison prior to 7:30AM Wednesday morning, with his dead mother in the house. has requested Johnston Police records as to number of calls made to that street. Story is developing…


This is THE video below: