Rhode Island shuffle sets the PC player free


The girlfriend of the PC Friar that called police did not stand a chance when the case hit the Rhode Island courts and the “Rhode Island shuffle” kicked in. The Judge (from Pawtucket) was told by the defense attorney (from Pawtucket) that the other defense attorney (who had worked at the Attorney General’s office) that the victim has “recanted her testimony.” Will anyone report that Bill Lynch, spokesman for the Rhode Island Democrat party, stood as attorney with a client accused of domestic violence with a handgun? Where is the outrage with progressive democrats?  Where is the protest at the college? PC activist demanded the head of campus security be fired in September 2020 for putting the description of an attacker off campus as ” a dark-skin male speaking Spanish.” But a shooting guard with a handgun is met with a yawn. There are still many unanswered questions in the matter of Alyn Breed. Providence Police did their job and did everything by the book.

the 33 yr old girlfriend
PC player girlfriend
recanted her complaint

Some of the questions that remain:  does Breed own a Glock? Does he carry a Glock? Defenders of Breed kept insisting “police did not find a gun” but that does not mean he doesn’t have one. What is the PC policy with players traveling with weapons? Do they take them on bus trips where there is no security? What is the dorm policy on guns? What about the guest who was at her home? Team Breed doesn’t want to mention there was a witness. Was there anyone else at her apartment? Was there a child sleeping at the apartment when Breed stormed in? The Alyn Breed legal team was inferring the girlfriend mislead police but she was very credible on Saturday morning and the evidence supported her claims. Why did Breed tell security the girlfriend might be arriving on the campus? How often does that happen? Breed is out on bail as PC and his legal team will use the “Rhode Island shuffle” to make it go away.