Charlotte Lester case approaches one year

On Monday night May 16, 2022, Charlotte Lester was last seen alive heading up the hill to 29 Staples Avenue in Warwick. Her dog was found two nights later, and her truck found parked at Kent Hospital one week later. This are still many unanswered questions regarding the case however optimism remains strong from her family and friends that the case will be solved as the one-year anniversary approaches. This post/story will deal with the facts of the case in an attempt to answer questions for individuals looking to learn more about the case of Charlotte Lester missing, where no one has been charged and it remains a missing person case.

staples no tape
staples home of Mark Perkins

 Warwick Police Department

The Warwick Police Department has stressed that the case of Charlotte Lester remains a top priority. Warwick Police arrived at the home of Mark Perkins (who was the boyfriend of Charlotte Lester) with a search warrant on or around Saturday May 21, 2022, where they established a crime scene around the property. For four weeks, police stood guard at the home located at 29 Staples avenue with 24/7 surveillance. Perkins was not allowed in the home or on the property during this time. On Sunday May 22, police dug up and removed the septic system located in the side yard of the home. Warwick Police questioned various individuals known to Charlotte, however this home was the only place where a crime scene was established. Warwick Police have been very tightlipped over what evidence they have and do not have. Mark Perkins was questioned by Warwick police and was reportedly confident police would never find Charlotte. Police did show interest in “love notes” found behind Kent and also seemed very interested in locating a mattress Perkins had.


Valuable evidence

It remains unclear what evidence police have however some key evidence seems to be the following:

  • Do police have video of her truck arriving on Staples? Do they have video of the truck leaving Staples and who was driving? Who was driving her truck when it was left at Kent? What video do police have? What video is there of the truck dropped off at Kent?
  • How did her dog end up on Elmwood Avenue? Where was the dog on Tuesday? On Wednesday?
  • What evidence was found that allowed police to be at 29 Staples for a full month? Why did police dig up the septic system? What did police find inside the house?
  • What did Mark Perkins tell police about Charlotte? Has his story held up? Do police believe Perkins?
  • Do police have a working timeline of May 16, May 17 and May 18?
  • Where is Charlotte Lester? Do police have a theory?


Perkins August arrest

On Wednesday August 17, 2022, Mark Perkins was arrested for felony assault, larceny against John DePetro and Ladybug, and the Perkins case continues moving forward. The Perkins August arrest was significant because:

  • It showed premeditation. Perkins planned the attack with the cd-player, orange ski-mask and lawnmower. He set the trap and sprang into action.
  • Perkins demonstrated his desire and ability to be violent with intent to kill.
  • Perkins lied to police about the incident and the aftermath, and what he had done with the recording equipment(he destroyed it).
  • The incident allowed Warwick Police to get back inside the house where they found the hatchet.
  • When Police arrived at the scene within minutes on August 17, Perkins told police he “blacked out and did not remember anything,” that had just happened five minutes earlier.
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