Rhode Island license plate has barcode for car tolling?

why are they still up?

Drivers are alarmed at the new barcodes arriving on new Rhode Island license plates. Why the new barcodes? Why are the truck toll gantries still up? Will they begin tolling cars? Governor Mckee has proven himself to be nothing more than a puppet to the labor unions who control his administration and put him in office. Does anyone believe McKee would develop a backbone and stand up to the unions? The truck tolls were supposed to bring in $40 million a year and the union wants their money now that the judge has ruled the state cannot just toll trucks.  Insiders could be given special barcodes that could get around the tolls, state workers, first responder vehicles and elected reps as well.  The COVID money will be ending, and Governor McKee was told to appeal the truck toll lawsuit by the unions, and he would not push back on car tolls in a budget crunch. Why would a state that imposes crushing tax burdens, unfriendly business climate and under-performing public schools care about tolling cars? McKee only pushed back against it to get elected.