Warwick School Committee Bachus DUI Police report

wet spot smell of urine

No wonder the Warwick schools are a mess. Warwick School Committee Karen Bachus had quite the adventure with Warwick Police. From urinating in the police car and station, to fighting with Warwick Police, Bachus sounds like she was shit-faced riding all over the road near Warwick City Hall. On this page are just some of the highlights from her arrest. Bachus is obviously impressed with being a state worker by evidence of the fact she kept telling police that. This is the worker Mckee gave a $3k bonus. In a normal state she would resign from the Warwick School Committee, but this is Rhode Island. What a complete embarrassment to the schools and people of Warwick. Parents should demand more from someone who has such power over the failing public schools in the city. What a role model for the students. Drunk, soiling her pants and fighting police. Proud member of the Warwick School Board.

Warwick school commit Karen Bachus