Should illegals be allowed to vote?

Mckee and group

Will the Rhode Island General Assembly vote to allow illegals to vote in city and town elections? There is growing concern the woke Democrats on Smith Hill might allow illegals to vote in Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls. Governor Mckee has signaled he is all in as along as he can help to manipulate the vote in those key areas. The feeling is that illegals will keep the Democrat power base and fall in-line with voting. McKee has already promised them driving privileges so voting seems next to happen. The biggest lie being told is that they pay taxes and are considered Rhode Island citizens. More and more the state imports more people in need of social services who do not pay taxes. To an illegal, Rhode Island is paradise where things are free, and the political leaders want to capture their vote. What happens when the COVID money stops? When happens when the economy slows down?