Trinity Rep woke Christmas Carol

Trinity rep


How woke can you go?  Trinty Rep. has the ultimate Woke Christmas Carol that has progressives cheering and other patrons leaving disappointed.  Scrooge is played by a woman (which is fine) because otherwise Ebenezer would be guilty of white male privilege. The nephew of Scrooge is gay (of course) to apparently appeal to the current day fans of the theatre. Bob Cratchit and his family only speak Spanish (illegals?) and Tiny Jose (Tiny Tim) seems to have the bad leg due to his lack of health insurance coverage since they are migrants. We have heard from several people who attended who felt it was almost uncomfortable to witness, however there is no intermission to prevent people from walking out. No word on if the Ghost of Christmas Past was transgender. Welcome to the new versions of Christmas classics, woke edition. In the Grinch who stole Christmas, the Grinch is unhappy because he wants gender reassignment surgery and the corporate elite of Who-ville will not cover it on his insurance. It’s a Wonderful Life stars George Bailey who loses his firm involved with crypto currency. Uncle Billy OD’s on fentanyl while Potter runs a hedge fund. Clarence convinces George he would have lived a wonderful life as a woman. Burt the cop fights BLM protesters with Harry Bailey. George and Mary are also homeless in the new version and Mary suffers from depression. In Frosty the Snowman, Frosty is actually non-binary and Karen is homeless. They live in tents outside of town. Rudolph is a story of a reindeer who is bullied for identifying as a lamb and begs Santa for gender reassignment.