Trinity Rep forced to cancel woke Christmas Carol

Trinity Repertory Company has “paused” their 2022 woke version of a Christmas Carol due to the outrage the version has caused with audiences, sponsors and families. Trinity is claiming “the pause” is due to “Covid” yet there are understudies and people within the production who dispute that. Covid? Every cast member has been vaccinated plus they have the understudies. How is it this is the only show right now cancelling due to COVID? Audience members have walked out, and Trinity Rep. sponsors have complained of being embarrassed by this year’s production. What should be a holiday favorite turns into a progressive nightmare of lecturing the audience over white males, stolen land and American greed.  Scrooge is a woman, her nephew is gay, Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim are Spanish speaking illegals. What is equally pathetic is the local media (on cue) giving rave reviews and praising the biggest bomb of the season. People who attended felt mislead and took to the Trinity Facebook page to complain of the price and woke theme. Trinity turned off the comments on their page calling the audience complaints “hate speech.” Trinity claims they are pausing it, but sources say it is finished. We first wrote about it here: