Lack of disclosure from Central Falls city solicitor regarding LT. Gov


Matt Jerzyk is the City Solicitor in the city of Central Falls and also a high profile lobbyist for Farrell and Associates. Jerzyk is a political insider who was part of the Speaker Mattiello team and and even testified at the Shawna Lawton mailer/ Britt trial that exposed the corruption and dirty underbelly of mail ballots in Rhode Island. On Friday October 28, 2022, Jerzyk took part in a segment for Rhode Island Public Radio called “Take of the Week” where a mix of Rhode Islanders share their view on items in the news. Jerzyk is free to discuss his views on various political players and issues in the news but this is where things get murky and insulting to the public. City Solicitor Jerzky praises LT Governor Sabina Matos but never discloses the nature and extent of their relationship.

In his gushing praise of the Speaker, the Senate President, Governor McKee and Lt. Governor Sabina Matos, why doesn’t City Solicitor Matt Jerzyk of Central Falls disclose he is the father of the oldest child of Matos? As City Solicitor, how can he be counted on to be transparent with taxpayers on city business while he publicly discusses the job performance of Lt. Governor Matos without full discloser he shares a child with her? Shouldn’t the public be made aware of this disclosure and be able to decide for themselves if his views seems biased? Should the Lt. Governor recuse herself on state issues regarding Central Falls?  Does Jerzyk have any dealings with her office regarding his work as a lobbyist? If not, why not? Voters deserve to know of secret relationships and hidden business deals that can impact state business, so why would the City Solicitor be so brazen as to offer praise of a state official without disclosing such an obvious relationship conflict? 

Attempts to reach Matt Jerzyk were unsuccessful, although his blocking on social media did not make it easier.