Video: Wild Cranston manhunt

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Armed home invasion in Cranston Leads to Foot Pursuit and Manhunt for 3 Suspects
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What an event in Cranston! An armed home invasion that happened mid-afternoon. Cranston police went to pull over a white Subaru with MA plates, which hadn’t been reported as stolen. The three suspects then fled on foot in the vicinity of the Pocasett River in the Knightsville section of Cranston. They had dropped some of their gear – masks etc. in the wooded area around the river.
Juan was the first and only one live on the scene to watch the entire manhunt unfold. Our Facebook fans were glued to the live coverage. One resident Juan spoke with was curious as to how the suspects would even know there was a river there to try to escape the police.
To add fuel to the fire, one of the suspects was one of the Block Island Ferry fighters arrested back in August. Cranston Police Commander Tom Patalano tells us, “you’ll recognize the name.” The name of suspect, Daevon Silva, already has a criminal record, including brandishing a ghost gun. The irony here never stops. A woman in an older red Kia SUV questioned why we were “filming her” since she remembered Juan from Block Island. The Ferry Fighters are everywhere! She was there to grab the third suspect in this manhunt. Can’t record the getaway car! Cranston Police set a trap for him, guess he needs to rethink his career as a criminal since it hasn’t gone that well so far. The other 19-year-old male in custody also has a criminal record.  McKee’s anti-police and anti-gun stance seems to be going really well.
Not shocking that the suspects were already known to the police. Cranston and State Police were on the scene, and their K9 partners are fantastic! Cranston PD put the K9 crew on a Cranston Fire response boat, the K9 started barking which lead police to discover the first suspect and make the arrest. Drone usage with infrared technology also assisted in the search.
It has been a very difficult week for our men & women in blue. Now we have to worry about how our current unelected but appointed Lt. Governor  Sabina Matos wants to defund the police. Dan McKee was the keynote speaker at an anti-police rally. Is this really the type of people Rhode Island wants as leaders? Juan being on the scene shows the exemplary professionalism of the men and women of both Cranston Police and Rhode Island State Police.
We cannot continue to have this anti-police rhetoric when there are attempted armed robberies in homes during broad daylight.
**At the time of writing this, the 3rd suspect is still at large.


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