The nasty race for Governor

The race for Governor in Rhode Island has taken a nasty turn as both sides start to toss bombs at kids and moms. The McKee campaign took offense to the manner in which Ashley Kalus spoke of the Governor at their debates and in her commercials, which resulted in the offensive “Hey Ashley” TV spot that bombed and was ridiculed. The race went into another lane as the mother of Governor McKee was dismissed as a “prop,” and LT Governor Matos deemed Kalus “unfit for the office.” McKee has recently dismissed Ashley Kalus as a ” Maga Trump lover election denier,” despite no evidence to support this line of attack. This week the McKee campaign was reportedly livid over the Democrats for Kalus campaign that is taking hold across the state as McKee tries to cling to a small lead.  What seems different in this race the candidates truly seem to dislike each other, which is far different from the Gina vs Fung campaigns for Governor in 2014 and 2018. Joe Trillo seemed to be the most hostile in 2018 and it was aimed solely at Fung. McKee kicked off the season of angry with his “Eva hang up on her” and yelling at Matt Brown for sweating. McKee has played the role of the angry man yelling at staff after debates and stalking off like a guy who missed his flight. What will the final week bring?

gray mckee says hang up on them