Water search planned for missing woman this Saturday June 18

A third search for the missing Charlotte Lester is planned for Saturday June 18, from 11:30-1:30 on the water of the Pawtuxet river surrounding Belmont Park in Warwick.  Searchers are encouraged to bring kayaks and canoes while other searchers can assist along the shore of the Pawtuxet river around the park. The dog of Charlotte Lester was found abandoned at the park on Wednesday night May 18, and someone has been tearing down flyers of her disappearance in areas around the park in recent days. Police remain sitting at the same house on Staples Avenue where Lester was headed Monday night May 16. The owner of the house on Staples, ( which is a crime scene)  grew up in the area near Belmont Park and reportedly has family near the park. The truck of Charlotte Lester was discovered at Kent Hospital but her dog found near the park is interesting.