Video: Wild fight night at the State House

abortion support starts the fight- photo by BB

Every fight starts with someone throwing the first punch. Friday night at the Rhode Island State House turned into chaos due to a abortion protester who threw a sucker punch at a non-violent man who went to film. Sources say rally organizers are not cooperating with police nor are state police really looking for green Adidas man who threw the first sucker punch that started the chaos. Much has been made of Officer Lugo who claims he was acting in self-defense yet no effort has been made by State Police to locate the person that started the fight. Sources claim police are not looking for him since he was with the abortion group who organized the rally. John DePetro was there and captured the violent speeches made to incite the crowd into violence. The green sucker puncher was on the steps and with the rally organizers yet no effort made to locate him.

abortion supporter starts the fight-photo from BB
police not looking for abortion supporter in green-photo from BB