Exclusive: Updated- Owner of house on Staples got a new mattress?

JD and LB

The John DePetro Show has learned new details regarding the missing person case of Charlotte Lester and the house on Staples avenue. Sources close to the investigation say Warwick Police found an interesting new item in the home of Mark Perkins on Staples avenue (when they executed a search warrant)  where Lester was supposedly headed on the night she went missing : a new mattress. Where is the old mattress? Was there blood on the old mattress? Perkins apparently give no real explanation to police where the old mattress was or why he decided to suddenly buy a new mattress the week of May 16. Sources also say Perkins was “very confident dealing with police, almost cocky and giving the impression Police would never locate Charlotte.” Lester was last seen alive the night of May 16. DePetro.com has learned her blood was found in the Warwick home and police dug up the septic system on the Staples avenue house. Warwick Police treated the house as a crime scene from Saturday May 21, until Friday June 17.