Guatemalan passport with Mass drivers license

woman in blue is translator.

The Providence man involved in a fatal-hit-and-run Sunday that killed 76 year old Violet Barracks on Union Avenue has a Guatemalan passport and Massachusetts drivers license. Domingo Castro appeared in court Monday and needed the help of a Spanish translator since he does not speak English. Castro apparently took an illegal U-turn and fled the scene after striking Barracks, leaving her to die in the street. The local media refused to identify that Castro needed a translator and would not reveal he has a passport from another country. All of this against a backdrop of Governor Dan McKee ready to handed all drivers licenses to illegals in a bid to capture the Spanish vote. How did Castro obtain a Massachusetts license? It is significant that he cannot speak or read English because all roads sign are in English. Why won’t the local media report he can’t speak English? This follows a new narrative where local media will no longer identify race or gender of wanted criminals. Local media will not report, ” Police are looking for a tall, heavy set, black male who robbed Citizens bank and fled in a blue car.” The new description is ” Police are searching for an individual who robbed the Citizens Bank and fled in a blue car.” Welcome to the new media.