Exclusive: Love Notes to Charlotte found behind Kent

Love Mark

Major breakthrough in case of the missing woman Charlotte Lester, as one of the volunteer searchers found notes to Charlotte, not far from where her truck was found behind Kent Hospital.  On Sunday morning the family of Charlotte Lester organized a search party that drew 40-50 people, who combed the area at Kent where her truck was found and other parts of Warwick. Sunday afternoon,  notes were found, located about 200 yards from where her truck was found at Kent on Monday May 23. Warwick detectives (accompanied by the State Police K-9 unit) arrived shortly after 2:30 and stayed on scene nearly five hours searching the woods behind Kent. The name on one of the notes is signed “Mark” which is the first name of the owner of the home on Staples Avenue where police have been on scene for over a week. The volunteer who found the notes said she learned of the search from John DePetro Facebook live. Warwick police took the notes into custody.

note found behind Kent