Providence teacher slams Musk buying Twitter

Any wonder why Providence public schools have horrendous test scores? Providence public school teacher Enrique Sanchez, who is running for state rep., took to Twitter to share what he was telling students on the taxpayer dime regarding Elon Musk acquiring Twitter. Sanchez, a member of the Black Lives Matter PAC, told his students that anyone who has made money is the enemy and the system is rigged against them. Sanchez lives in a fantasy world of Socialism where the government should provide everything and you take property of the wealthy. Instead of perhaps having a discussion on the work ethic of Elon Musk, the daring systematic way he challenges others to think, in the classroom of Sanchez it is all evil. In the John Hopkins 2019 report on the failing Providence schools, 95% of students in 8th grade could not to math at grade level. 90% of 8th grade students could not do English at grade level. What did Governor McKee do about the Providence teachers? He gave them a $3,000 dollar bonus for a job well done. Sanchez should be fired immediately.