McKee plummets 18 points in new poll

Look out below. Governor McKee becomes the captain of the Titanic with poll numbers that would make Linc Chafee blush. According to Morning Consult, McKee has dropped 18 points to settle as the third worst Governor in the country. Ouch. How did his campaign handle the news? McKee has now backed out of a debate set for next week. Ouch again. Last Fall, Governor McKee seemed to be rounding third and heading for home and then..Tony Silva. His Chief of staff became former after a suspect land deal. September brought the first whiff of the ILO contract. Not good. In November, McKee was at odds with Dr. Scott as Covid returned for a holiday tour. McKee decided to take a two week vacation as the virus came roaring back into Rhody. McKee and Dr Scott turmoil boiled over but not before she grabbed $140K out the door for remaining silent. We then learned the Providence teachers were not the only union receiving $3k bonuses as the state workers all lined their pockets. Even judges got $3k to convince them to stay on the bench with their lifetime appointments earning close to $200k. Money spread around to every special interest group except for the taxpayers who earned it. McKee started to throw around money to prison guards making $300k due to overtime and the big rollout of the superscam building. Top off the first year with an FBI probe and you have an unpopular Governor who is pulling out of debates with less than five months until the primary.