State police refused to arrest firefighter arrested by FBI

state police

It was a rather awkward and odd press release sent out regarding the arrest of a Cranston man Barry Lafleur by the U.S. Attorney of Rhode Island. . What was shocking was the number of times the Rhode Island State Police caught Lafleur, he admitted to his crimes, and state police let him go. Lafluer was suspected of posting on websites all over the country that he was going to kill public officials in Rhode Island, yet state police would always give him a pass. It is interesting that in October, two protesters for frontline workers were arrested for being outside the home of Governor McKee. That is who they arrested. A retired firefighter is posting he will kill public officials with an AK-47 and state police let him go. Two nurses travel to Cumberland and are arrested. The big question on Barry Lafluer: who is his lawyer? Somebody convinced state police not to charge a guy admitting he posted about killing public officials.

no charges filed by RISP or Warwick police
no charges filed.
state police
state police


here is who they arrest.
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