PC remains PC on crime

They may be Big East champs but Providence College still seems content to allow their students to be victims of crime. Check out the campus security report sent out to the campus. The suspect who pointed a gun at the students was described as a “male”. A male or someone that identifies as male? What were his pronouns? Was the male with the gun white? Black? Asian? Latino? Fat? Skinny? Tall? Short? It was a male in a red bandana with a gun. This is all a result of an outcry last year when the office of Public Safety at Providence College identified a rape suspect as ” light skin dark male who spoke Spanish.” Imagine the nerve of accurately describing a rape suspect. The Public safety office caved by describing the color of the suspects car as “grey.” I guess it it a good thing the students were Communist on their way to Red Ink or all hell would break loose.

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