McKee gives free Covid test kits to illegals

The Rhode Island Department of Health will not disclose what happened to 100,000 at-home Covid test kits designed for people in Rhode Island. They hide behind the ” safety of staff and clients?” Compare that to the Mayor Of Boston, who lists exactly where the test kits were distributed. The RIDOH is run by activist Dr. Nicole Alexander Scott who loves to preach ” equity” which is code for illegals in Providence and Central Falls. Residents of the state have been scrambling to find a free at-home Covid test kit before Christmas and the McKee team will not reveal what happened to 100,000 Covid at-home test kits. How is it “equity” if regular American citizens cannot get their hands on a test kit while the RIDOH is distributing them in Olneyville and Central Falls, which is the center of illegals in the state? Health Equity Zones are designed to support the illegals in the state. While we are not suggesting all of the at-home test kits went to illegals, the question is why would one single kit be given to a non-citizen when there are Rhode Islanders who needed them? 100,000 free at-home Covid Test kits gone and McKee won’t disclose who got them.