Can McKee handle Omicron?


The game has quickly changed for Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee and the next sixty days are crucial to his quest to be elected Governor next November. Offering one dollar scratch tickets and bragging about ” shots in arms” will not be enough to navigate the troubled waters the new variant is bringing. Instead of being focused on the virus, Governor McKee has wasted time trying to appease the homeless crowd, distracted by $3k bonuses to union members and focusing on 2030 plans. 2030? The McKee ticket may not see 2023, let alone 2030. Governor McKee clearly made a mistake by leaving Dr. Nicole Alexander Scott in charge of the RIDOH since she seems burned out and not on the same page of team McKee.  Get rid of her now? Good luck trying to flush her out. Scott is more of an activist with an agenda and seems blind to the concerns of the private sector. The public is numb to her monotone ramblings and many feel Scott contributed to the low-approval ratings Gina left office with. The McKee administration spent too much time celebrating how they plan to spend one billion in COVID relief and let their guard down. The fact the state is not even in sync with neighboring states is not a good sign.

Will Governor McKee stand up to the powerful teachers unions who will desire distance learning in January? McKee just gave the Providence teachers union members $3k each to try and buy their votes and the Democrat primary is just nine months away, so no way he fights the unions. Rhode Island is stretched at local hospitals and the state testing is not prepared for the next thirty to sixty days. Governor McKee laughed when state police arrested health care workers outside his home but he would have been better served to listen to them and come to an agreement.