Breaking: Arsonist takes credit for second fire

The Writings of an Arsonist

Anonymous communique received on 08.05.21

The Writings of an Arsonist

I’ve committed arson twice in my life. Once in May of this year when I torched Joe Shekarchi’s law office, and again this July when I set fire to eviction attorney Steve Conti’s office. And I have no plans on stopping.

But I might as well start at the beginning. I’m from Rhode Island, the smallest of these so-called “United States”, and when COVID hit I, like many others, tried to do something to help my community. I pitched in, delivered food, supplies, and did whatever needed to be done to help those less fortunate than myself. And then, COVID got worse due to the government prioritizing business interests over the people, and I began to see just how much of a sick fucking joke Amerikkka is. The working class is forced into wage slavery to serve the capitalist scum that denies them their rights, and then bleeds them dry by “providing” these same rights for a price. Food, water, housing, healthcare, electricity, land, these bloodsuckers provide nothing, merely hoard what belongs to all of us. They’ll work you to death just so you can have a warm place to sleep at night, and then expect you to thank them for it. It’s nothing less than extortion.

Once I realized this, there wasn’t anything else to do but act. That’s how we can help our communities. “Progessive” politicians won’t be able to save you, at best they’re naive and think they’ll be able to change the system from the inside (and as a result accomplish practically nothing), and at worst they’re just power hungry and think that pretending to be a progressive is the best way to go about it.

Fuck em.

Action is the only thing that gets results. Joe Shekarchi and Steve Conti are lawyers who make big bucks kicking people out onto the streets. I wonder how well that’s going for them now that their nice offices are charred to shit. There are plenty of other attorneys like them in Rhose Island, and throughout the country, but they’re not the only ones who need handling. The housing developers, the landlords, the banks, the corporations, the business owners, and the politicians who lick their boots need to be dealt with. Squat “their” property, rob them of their precious capital, grow your own food (or expropriate it from their bougie supermarkets) and share it with your community, and take care of one another (it’s what the capitalists fear most, that we’ll make them obsolete).

When they come to evict you, barricade yourselves into your homes, and if the parasitic landlords and their pig lackeys force you out, turn right around and burn down their homes. Make them feel the fear. Steal back everything they’ve ripped away from you, and become the inferno that destroys the Amerikkkan plantation once and for all.