Video: Rise of the Rhode Island Moors

Not sure about the Biden claim that white supremacist groups are the biggest threat to the nation. The Rise of the Moors, based in Rhode Island, burst onto the scene with 11 well-armed militia members causing a stand-off on I95 North in Wakefield Mass.  Rise of the Moors makes Black Lives Matter seem like a bunch of cub scouts. While Rise of the Moors has long guns and tactical gear, BLM PAC was crying in the rain with umbrellas because a few people got hit with pepper spray. Even Frank Chiefy Williams has now recognized Rise of the Moors as the new leaders of the black movement in the area. In the past, Rise of the Moors looked down on Black Lives Matter as timid and weak. A source familiar with the group said Rise of the Moors recently learned of state grants and donations given BLM and they are well prepared to take them out in a battle for the streets( if it came to that). The leader of Rise of the Moors, Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey, is a former marine, smart,  charismatic leader who has enough firepower for a small army. The group was headed to “training in Maine” and are prepared to take over a neighborhood in a matter of minutes.  The street gangs in Providence mostly operate with pistols and knives while the Rise of Moors practice shooting AK’s and AR-15’s, plus they are skilled in gorilla war tactics. Rhode Island is about to become a war-zone. What are the real intentions of the group?