Video: Pawtucket cop involved with off-duty shooting

Many questions remain from the bizarre shooting Wednesday night involving off-duty Pawtucket police officer Dan Dolan in West Greenwich. Here is the timeline based on conversations with sources involved:  Dolan said he was heading home after working a detail but it was 8:PM at night and most details end around 4:PM, unless it is a nightclub detail. On 95 south he encounters a black Audi with two eighteen year old and a 17 yr old white males who had been at Walmart picking up snacks and were heading to pick up a pizza and  home to watch NBA  basketball. Wicked Good Pizza had the pizza order for the three white teens who pulled into the pizza parking lot ( even used their blinker ) pulling in from RT 3. They encounter off-duty Pawtucket police officer Dolan (dressed in casual clothes) who proceeds to cut off their vehicle and leap out of a his white truck with his badge and gun. The eighteen year old driver proceeds to put the car in reverse and leave the pizza lot. Dolan reportedly jumps on the front of the car, reaches across the hood and shoots the driver in the arm. The driver takes off unaware he is shot as Dolan flees the scene. What happened on 95 south? Why did he pull his gun and shoot? Was he coming directly from the detail? Why was he not in uniform? Will he be arrested? Why did police say he witnessed something on 95 south?  What was the plan had the driver not pulled away? Why did officer Dolan not call 911 since he was off-duty and out of Pawtucket? Sources say no weapon was found in the Audi.

Pawtucket Police officer Daniel Dolan