Police source: Off-duty Pawtucket cop to be arrested

Pawtucket Officer Daniel Dolan

Looks like investigators have seen all they need to see in the off-duty shooting of Pawtucket Police officer Daniel Dolan in West Greenwich. Dolan was allegedly on his way home Wednesday night after working an afternoon detail when he encountered three teens on their way to get pizza. Dolan was casually dressed when his truck cut off the teens, he pulled out his gun and jumped on the hood of the moving car while shooting the unarmed driver. Inside the car was an 18 year old driver, and two brothers ages 17 and 18. The teens are white and had no weapon. The West Greenwich police chief Ramsey is also coming under fire for peddling a bs story live from the scene that Dolan had ” witnessed criminal activity on the highway” and the officer was “badly shaken up,” and neglected to report there were two passengers in the black Audi. Dolan shot the driver, followed the teens to Big River Liquors and never called 911 or offered assistance. Dolan stood outside his truck as police and rescue arrived. There is speculation officer Dolan will go to jail for shooting an unarmed 18 year old while he was off-duty, out of Pawtucket and driving a truck without explaining his actions. The AG will be announcing his arrest.