Will Raimondo leave for Washington?


Rumors are buzzing that Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo is ready to accept a cabinet position with the Biden administration which would be a tremendous accomplishment for the first female Governor of the state.  If the Gov decides to accept the offer it would be a wise political move with little to no downside for the ambitious Raimondo. Not since Joe Paolino became the Clinton Ambassador to Malta has a Rhode Island politician been considered and accepted such a high post. Governor Raimondo is term-limited with two years remaining in a state in very tough shape with no chance of turning things around in 24 months. Huge budget deficits, possible state worker layoffs, and a demanding 24/7 pandemic would be enough for anyone to head for the border. Raimondo is not afraid to take a calculated risk and demonstrated that when she endorsed Mike Bloomberg during the primary. There is no politician in Rhode Island who would have taken the chance ( or had the guts)  endorsing Bloomberg but Raimondo did so proving loyalty to him. There are obviously no hard feelings about the Bloomberg decision since the Biden team considered her for the VP slot prior to realizing a woman of color had to be chosen for the campaign. Many of the Biden camp were part of the Obama administration and Gina enjoyed a solid relationship with President Obama who joined her for their famous lunch at Gregg’s during her run for Governor. Raimondo, with her moderate but common sense approach to government, would be a welcome relief to the Biden team who are being inundated with progressives screaming for attention. Raimondo would join La Salle alumni, Mike Donilon, who is a senior advisor to Biden and is reportedly very impressed with Gina. President Obama and Mike Bloomberg speak highly of Governor Raimondo as do many of her fellow Democrat Governors who dealt with her as she served as Chair of the Democrat National Governors Association. Raimondo would also benefit from the fact that it is a new world with COVID and any past shortcomings seem forgivable and forgotten. Stick around for two more years? Meetings at the White House with the President sound pretty good over meetings on Smith Hill.  Nothing good would come of staying. Raimondo was smart to make her first bid for office that of the office of General Treasurer. Gina was not afraid to make the run for Governor in 2014 and was re-elected in 2018. Governor Raimondo has also benefitted from the live pandemic press briefings which have allowed her to excel and develop her full potential as a leader and manager. Raimondo is seasoned, dependable, confident, and ready to test her strengths on the national stage. This story is developing.