Britt does not take the stand

For one year Jeff Britt told people he would not be the ” fall guy” for the Mattiello campaign from 2016. Britt told friends and members of the media he was prepared to “name names” and go scorched earth on the Speaker and the rest of the campaign staff. Britt told people he “could not wait to get on the stand” and he would bring others down. When it came time for the defense, team Britt could not land a glove on the Speaker or his cohorts. The defense rested without Jeff Britt taking the stand. Huh? What happened to all the big talk from Britt? Dan Yorke, the failed talk host and good friend of Britt, was on the witness list but was not mysteriously called. Yorke showed up at the courthouse ( met with Britt in the men’s room during the break), and then left and went on-air and defended Britt for three hours while attacking the Speaker. It is obvious Yorke is compromised (Britt has him in his pocket) since no rational person would defend Britt after the crimes brought to light in court. Will Britt be found guilty? Sure looks that way. Attorney Tim Dodd gave daily updates on the trial that are listed below.

Attorney Tim Dodd

Day one of the Britt trial with Attorney Tim Dodd

Day two of the Britt trial

Day 3

the defense rest.