Political rumor: Raimondo met with Biden team for VP slot


Is Gina in the final four? Political sources say Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo met with Vice-President Joe Biden and his team to be his choice for VP. Reliable sources close to Raimondo claim it went very well, she ” dazzled them” and she is being considered. Biden is expected to announce his decision this week and there is much speculation as to who it may be. Raimondo is in her second term as Governor of Rhode Island and is term-limited out. Is she truly being considered or was this a courtesy interview arranged by Mike Bloomberg?  Sources say Chris Dodd and Bloomberg are very high on Gina and selling Biden hard to select her. One negative was feedback to Biden from Labor unions.  At the very least, this meeting seems to guarantee Raimondo a high-level post in a possible Biden administration.  This story is developing. No word if the meeting took place in the Biden basement. Is he in her contract tracing notebook? Does she have to quarantine?