Rumor about Governor Raimondo visiting her mother

It seems silly but it lit up social media that Governor Raimondo went to visit her mother on Mother’s day at a nursing home. It was posted by a woman who claimed it happened at Tockwotten on the water.  Governor Raimondo was asked about her mother and her mothers living situation by the Projo( video above)  at her daily COVID-19 briefing. It seems incredible that a woman ( that nobody had heard of)  with no evidence posted on Facebook a rumor and it made its way into the briefing of a potential Vice-Presidential candidate.


The Raimondo staff told John DePetro prior to the briefing that the rumor was false. John DePetro told Facebook Live viewers the story was false but was met with skepticism so DePetro called Tockwotten and asked for Josephine Raimondo, (The video is below). One viewer insisted there is an East Providence listing for Josephine Piro ( maiden name of Josephine Raimondo).